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Structoris is latin for "the builders". The name reflects the organization's core belief in respecting the trades. Paying respect to the millions of builders and thousands of years of builders' capabilities, reminds us on a daily basis of the amazing heritage and professional evolution that we belong to. We are humbled that our daily efforts provide one of the basic necessities in life: shelter. The founder's experience began in the 1980's and has continued throughout the decades to include many projects of varying size and scope. With over three decades of linear experience and centuries of combined experience, Structoris offers the knowledge and capabilities to plan, develop and build any structure. We look to earn the respect of our clients and colleagues each and every day. Structoris has a core team of dedicated individuals, ensuring the soundness of any build, and also maintains professional relationships with many different trades and professions, ensuring that Structoris can bring the right team to meet any project requirements. We believe that one of our core competitive advantages is our people. We have an enthusiastic and proud team. As our founder is fond of saying, "...there's nothing better than waking up early in the morning, stepping on some dirt, and knowing that we are going to build something today..."
Over the years, Structoris has performed a vast variety of construction projects, including commercial and residential builds. You can find our teams 18 stories in the air, resurfacing old brick hotels or digging scores of feet below grade to prepare for foundation work. Our teams level homes where the foundations have failed, upgrade multi-unit properties, and restore grocery stores that have been in the community for 50 years. We are also very capable of building designer homes or tract homes. It's our team approach that ensures your project receives qualified individuals on your team. Prioritizing your project and providing required resources will instill confidence in you that your project will be completed on time and on budget. Great project management skills along with professional, timely communication ensures that your team understands the status of your project at all times. We build. That's who we are. That's what we do.

Our organization has the capabilities to manage any project from inspiration to completion. From planning, to building and finish, our team is knowledgeable and capable of managing all the detailed facets of a construction cycle. We have full resources: engineers, architects, expeditors, trades personnel, project managers and financial associates. We are equally strong with working with an existing team, supporting any and all functions necessary to the project. Our experience and capabilities cross both commercial and residential construction, and we provide services throughout the state of California. As with any project, it is more than understanding the techniques of building. We take pride in our project management, financial and strategic capabilities. Every project comes with a budget. We work with you and your team to make sure that the budget accomplishes your goals and objectives for your desired construction project. We work with all team members through timely communications. This ensures that efficiency is also paramount as efficiency provides the foundation to cost containment and timeliness. Our team is aware that there are many good contractors in our industry. Most contractors focus on a narrow set of capabilities. Structoris has built a reputation on taking on tough projects, requiring problem solving skills and nonconventional solutions to accomplish.

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We can service all of your construction needs, both residential and commercial. Our experienced team has several strong capabilities: estimating, operational, management, financial and strategic. Leveraging this extensive experience to ensures that clients receive quality work and a job well done.

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